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re-enforcing the brand proposition

Chase Moulande are the foremost recruitment solutions company in the specialist HR & payroll market.

They came to The Marketing Box after the emergence of a number of competitors in the space had begun to erode their market share and aggressively attack their customer base with heavily discounted rates.

The M box identified that Chase  were not articulating the true value proposition of their services in their marketing communications, and instead had been relying on their clients recommendations and word of mouth.  This left them vulnerable to competitors able to undercut them for exclusive contracts but offering a poorer quality service based on online searching rather than genuine candidate relationships. Market research also revealed that the companies brand had a traditional and slightly old fashioned ‘legal’ feel to it, which competitors used (unfairly) against them to accuse them of being slow and unnecessarily expensive.

Through a brand review process, The Marketing  Box challenged the organisation to justify their fee’s and fully explored the added value that they provide to clients.

The revised brand then concentrated on reinforcing the key values of quality service with a strong client focus to deliver above and beyond the results the clients expected, in an efficient time frame.  The design execution made use of modern colours, imagery and fonts to re-enforce the quality aspect of the brand whilst portraying a fast-paced agency feel and to dissassoiate from any traditional or ‘stuffy’ perceptions.

The results of the brand review were then converted into internal training materials that staff can use to reinforce the value proposition and differentiate the quality of their services compared to lesser competitors.


The Marketing Box have been invaluable in re-focusing our business on our core values that enable us to differentiate Chase from our competitors.  By taking this approach we are able to inject our key strengths into everything we do, not only through our marcomms but in all apsects of our service.

Chris Fitzgerald – Managing Director, Chase Moulande


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