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Jun 2011 10

eating our own dogfood

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Welcome to The Marketing Box blog!

Yes, after years of advising our clients that they should be creating content driven websites and embracing web 2.0 features and social media, we are finally doing it ourselves.  ”Join and drive the conversations with your target audience”, I would cry, whilst staying rather silent ourselves.

The excuse that we are too busy sorting our clients out has, indeed, worn rather thin.

So, from now on you can look forward to a regular supply of musings and opinion, as well as practical advice, aimed at marketing and brand managers and anyone else looking to share and learn from others in the industry.

You can join us on twitter or facebook where you can give us feedback and join the conversation, and if you have ideas of your own you’d like to share then we’ll be welcoming guest blogs too.

Just get in touch.

wot no comments?

We have made the decision to not allow direct commenting on this blog.  Our purpose here is not to endlessly debate the finer points of marketing, but rather share our opinion or vision on a particular topic that we hope is useful enough for people to share or add to their own blog.  The main focus of The Marketing Box is to service our clients and concentrate on them after all.

Of course, you can retweet with a comment, comment on Facebook, share or simply mail us with your thoughts to spark future articles.   We’d love to hear them.

You can read an interesting argument for and against commenting here.

We look forward to hearing your feedback.


Posted by:  Rob Paton, Director, The Marketing Box