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strategy and analysis

strategy strategy strategy

Let’s say it again.  STRATEGY.

We think it’s quite important.

  • Do you know what your brand strategy  is?
  • Do you know what your marketing strategy is?
  • Have you actually documented it?


You’d be surprised how many organisations can answer ‘yes’ to all three.

And even if you have, you’d be even more surprised what you can learn from an outside-in perspective.

Formulating your strategy is a powerful tool in focusing your efforts and limited resources on what will make the biggest advances toward your organisational goals.

We encourage and challenge all our clients to define or clarify what it is they’re trying to achieve before we embark on any individual projects.  Using core marketing principles, we look at your markets, your customers, your products, your routes to market and the potential opportunities open to you.

We decide how much money you’re going to need.

We look at how much money you’ve actually got.

Then we help you spend it – wisely.