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UPDATED: butterfly takes flight!

Two years after the initial conception of Butterfly was launched and marketed, the company re-engaged with the M Box with a new mission.  The brand had really taken hold in channel and client imaginations, and the product was becoming a well-established tool in the data analysis and migration of multi-million dollar accounts, all over the globe.

Meanwhile Butterfly the company had blossomed to cope with the demand and now had several dozen UK based employees as well as footholds in North America and the far East.  What they wanted now was to reflect that maturity in their brand proposition.

The Marketing box did this by creating a corporate brand for Butterfly, which reflected their experience and expertise in the field of optimising data environments, and continued to develop under that their flagship brand – the Butterfly Platform.

The resulting refinements and changes were well received on the global stage, so much so that within six months the company was purchased for an undisclosed fee by IBM. The technology and skills developed by the team are now fully integrated into the IBM global storage solution suite.

All of this happened within three years of conception, showing just how fast things can move with a solid, well thought through brand behind you.  Sadly for the M Box the purchase by IBM also put paid to the Butterfly brand, and all that remains now are the images you see here!

Oh well.  Job done, as they say…


Butterfly new corporate logo




a brand to be taken seriously

Butterfly was born out of classic brand principles. The client came to The Marketing Box with a piece of highly sophisticated and complex automation software code, and an objective.

They knew they had a market winning piece of software and the technical expertise to develop it. They also had the right commercial experience and contacts to approach resellers and develop relationships with the influential industry leaders.

What they didn’t have was a brand.

Their objective, therefore, was to create a viable, tangible and marketable business solution out of their enthusiasm, ideas and that vital beta code.

The Marketing Box set about providing them with a suite of communication tools and a brand strategy which not only gave them something to sell but also gravitas amongst the big market players. Furthermore, it projected the key values that reflect the products USP’s in a memorable and creative manner.

Butterfly continues to grow from strength to strength, gaining partner contracts with some of the Industry’s biggest names such as IBM and EMC, and has established itself as the market leader in this particular software field thanks largely to the power of this memorable brand.

Their only problem  now is keeping up with the demand!


The Marketing Box took us from a being a piece of sophisticated software and a group of enthusiastic individuals to a fully recognisable and marketable brand. Rob and his team have been invaluable to Butterfly’s success.

Craig Moore, COO of Butterfly Software Ltd